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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

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GAMBLE/PREVITE/RUCKER is a new trio featuring Mike Gamble, guitars, Bobby Previte, drums, and Fabian Rucker, saxophones.


Mike Gamble was born in the U.S. of A’s smallest state, Rhode Island, and has been on the road ever since. Gamble and his guitar are now in and out of his apartment in Brooklyn, touring the States and Europe. In NYC he performs monthly with indie rockers Seequill, his jazz trio The In Betweens, and his solo project Scrambler. He also has begun to work on soundtrack for Manda Bala, an award winning critical look at the Brazilian kidnapping regime, and Captured, a film about how photographer Clayton Patterson has dedicated his life to the documenting the final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in New York City’s Lower East Side. Gamble also curates a Monday night showcase of improvised music at South Slope’s Bar4.


Fabian Rucker, born in 1985 in Salzburg, Austria, is one of the new young European musicians who are firmly rooted in the Jazz tradition yet seamlessly move through all the worlds of contemporary art, from Jazz to Hip Hop, Pop and even Performance Art. Touring Europe, China and the USA he has been called “one of the most significant young players in the Austrian Jazz scene,” winning First Prize at the Podium, and receiving the “New York” Scholarship of the Hans-Koller-Award. Together with Phil Nykrin and Andi Lettner he founded the indieband “Namby-Pamby Boy,” releasing their first album, “Lunchbreak,” in 2011.


Bobby Previte’s first stage appearance came in 1956 at the Niagara Falls Talent Show, where, guitar in hand, and adorned in an over-sized suit, he belted out a solorendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘Hound Dog.’ Eight years later, thinking drumming might be a good way to get girls, he fashioned a bass drum from a rusted garbage can, a kick pedal from a wire coat hanger wedged between two pieces of linoleum and a rubber ball stuck on top, tom toms from upside-down trash bins, cymbals from aluminum pie plates suspended on plungers, and a box of loose junk for a snare - then practiced for a year in his dark basement with a lone spotlight shining on him before eventually starting a band, the “Devil’s Disciples.” But when they finally got a gig at the church he was fired for not having ‘real’ drums. Seeking revenge, he took a job as a paperboy, saved every penny, and a year later bought the Rogers “Holiday” kit he still uses today in concerts all over the world.




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