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w/s/g: Clinton Curtis

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Friday, February 26, 2010 @ 8:00 PM

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About Barefoot Truth

Threads. I didnt say it. Barefoot Truth singer/songwriter Will Evans did. The concept behind Barefoot Truth's new album Threads is nothing less than universal consciousness. How is that for a reality grabber? As we emerge from the wreckage of unbridled greed in America, this album gives some very intriguing methods by which to re-set our value meters. In addition to some intelligent views on the state of humankind, Barefoot Truth has produced another rocking, reggae infused album titled Threads. This seamless creation fuses together and expands upon the ideals of these multi-talented musicians... WIll Evans on drums and lead vocals, Andy Wrba on upright bass, Jay Driscoll on weissenborn slide guitar, Garrett Duffy on harmonica, and John Waynelovich on piano. Building on the themes and success of their previous album, Walk Softly, this cohesive effort takes a strong environmental stand and offers warnings along with celebrations. Fans of Barefoot Truth are never bored. Since their inception as an acoustic duo, the band has steadily added depth to the members, and the instruments, that appear. That depth is greatly felt in this album which immerses you in sound and at the same time, takes you step by step to the brink of something it wants you to consider. When the lyrics catch you, they do not easily let go. Hooks and phrases will hang around in your mind. You will go back time and again to try to gather all that is being presented to you. This creation will both sweep you along, and stop you in your tracks. Pick up you own copy February 16, 2010, or pre-order the album beginning December 15.
~Music Critic Kiera Brennan



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